sakuras in bloom

Spring has officially announced her arrival in Japan. Sakura, or cherry blossoms, probably Japan’s most loved flower is blooming all over the country, well mostly at least — What is amazing is, Sakura blooms from the southern part of Kyushu and Okinawa where it blooms as early as February, going upwards north with Hokkaido’s sakuras blooming in late May. Autumn is the opposite, the leaves change color from the northern part going towards the south, Okinawa having a late, late autumn at around December.

Sakura is in full bloom in Matsumoto, the 2nd largest city in Nagano Prefecture where I lived for 5 years before relocating to sakura-less Dubai.

These pictures are taken by my friend/neighbor. She definitely made my day!

sakura-2.jpg      sakura-1.jpg

 This little park is only some couple of minutes from where we lived. Pristine used to play alot here.


Taken at Murai Jinja (Murai Temple) near my house. Children from nearby nursery/kindergarten schools come here to picnic at this time of the year.

I lived in a really beautiful place! I guess one can never know what she’s missing until it’s gone — for a while at least!


  1. yeah,. nag sakura hunting na sab mi last sunday. And planning to have more. Can’t get enough of sakura gyud… Shiera snd I are officially Sakura addicts 😀



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