dxb public transport nightmare

Yes, I know that the subject line is a dead giveaway to what will be some horrible contents of today’s blog entry.

I know that no amount of complaining would make my situation yesterday less disappointing and frustrating. It takes lot of character strength to find composure in situations where patience is terribly tested. The book says so. Yesterday was a good example to implement the good habits discussed in the book!  I have psyched myself and talked like chanting a prayer over and over not to snap my sanity but that’s it!

Public transport services in Dubai leave even the most optimistic resident in despair.

I left the office at 6:10 pm, walked towards the bus stop and saw not one but two buses. I must be pretty lucky today! Since I was still waiting to cross the pedestrian lane, the two buses left but I thought, hey, another one will come. Grabbing my book, I started reading and became too engrossed to realize that almost 30 minutes has passed and I just stood there, leaning against some pole, oblivious of the world around me.

When I looked up, the number of cars on the streets doubled and horn honking session has started. The lights are on as it was getting dark. I was able to continue reading because of the light from the pole I was leaning on. Bus #13 came. I know I can take this option and just walk home. Farther walk but bearable. Bus #13 did not even bother to stop! It was too full.

Bus #3 is supposed to take me home in less than 30 minutes. To my home where hubby’s well prepared dinner awaits. I called home and told him as calmly as I can to just go ahead with dinner without me as I am not on any bus yet. M said Pristine don’t want to eat without me. Right.

The minutes of waiting easily slipped to an hour of desperation. The buses just refused to appear! They are either caught in bad traffic or for other reasons. The number of people in the bus stop increased and increased until Bus #3 came and everyone rushed to the bus entrance door, elbowing and pushing each other. But who would care? Everyone wants a piece of seat on the bus. Ladies were screaming. The bus driver told everyone to step aside. The bus is too full.

Seeing no chance to be home if I stayed longer on the same spot, I walked to another bus stop and started reading again. I am so glad I am with a great book. After almost two hours of waiting on an empty stomach and a full bladder, bus #31 came. One passenger came down leaving one seat vacant — one seat vacant against more than 20 desperate and angry, hungry passengers. The bus driver took me in, 19 guys were left behind. Although I have to walk about half a kilometer home after unboarding that bus, I was thankful I was able to get on that bus before Pristine’s bedtime.

Ok, this might be perfectly normal here but deep inside me, there are a lot of questions and comparisons. Buses in Japan come on time and a minute of delay entails loads of apologies. The public transport in Japan is very efficient one can hardly complain. But Dubai is such a ‘young’ city compared to Tokyo (or any other city in Japan for that matter) so the Dubai government deserve a chance to improve, at the expense of course to lots and lots of commuters including myself.

Normally, I would vent with utmost rage to M before I could even let go of my handbag, before I could even take off my shoes. This time, it was either the 7 habits (the book) that strapped me to be calm or I was just too tired to talk. I walked to the kitchen, helped myself with dinner and ate while watching the stars. (Daughter was in the bath with daddy)


  1. Grace, your ordeal sounds like any commuter’s nightmare in manila! But ofcourse Dubai isn’t Manila and Manila isn’t Dubai. But the experience is just the same… Hope your commuting experience will improve and be more comfortable very soon.

    Wow, Maki and Pristine’s relationship increased by leaps and bounds! That’s nice to hear.



  2. Hello again grace,

    I am writing in between taking are of danielle. I’ll continue in a short while. Tood grace, unsaon pag pa increase sa font? thanks



  3. Div: Multi-tasking mom you are! I don’t think you can increase the size of the font unless you change the CSS script. For free subscription, I think it goes by default. I am not sure though, you should ask one of my blogging friends, Melany (supermom.wordpress.com) she is techie-savvy and you have the same theme with her, she changed her custom headers and she can do almost everything on html.



  4. I changed my presentation grace. I think it goes with the type of presentation one chooses. Because with the new format, my fonts are bigger and nicer to look at. I’m sure if anybody would lead me to change my previous fonts tapos ang language kay inyong language sa computer- sure na! abtan ko og forever! hehehe



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