We live in an area very near the airport. To be precise, all airplanes approaching Dubai International Airport has the obligation to pass right above our roof. With this one, I feel I could just jump and reach for it just like that!


This plane looks way bigger and noiser! when seen from the naked eye (and ear) and we have these biggies hovering above us almost every five minutes! 

During our first days in Dubai (we are staying in the company guesthouse — we are still, as the construction of the building where our flat will be is taking forever to complete), I would wake up everytime a plane passes by. How could I not? I am a light sleeper and really, really the plane sounds are too annoying especially if it’s around 2 am! Dubai, being given too much attention due to the rapid economic and tourism boom has got lots and lots of people coming in everyday so the planes will never cease until this city itself is gone!


Thankfully, we will be transferring, soon I hope! to a more peaceful environment free from hovering planes.  


See? I can even see and read clearly the “Emirates” sign at the bottom of this morning plane. And mind you, I can tell which airline is flying above me just by its noise! Chinese airlines are the most noisy and Emirates, thanks to their new fleets are the smoothest.

Post note: noisy as they may be, on the lighter side of things, the sky is endlessly blue here…and I am thinking of it as a consolation.


  1. That would drive me nuts! Although, we don’t live too far from the airport either, but at least it’s not every 5 minutes. I hope you are able to move soon.

    Have a good weekend!



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